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With over 25 years experience in Hair extrensions and hair loss solutions, Hair Extension Palace is one of the Bay Area's premium salon specializing 14 methods of hair extensions, chemicals and hair safety.

ATTENTION!! If you have been wearing hair extensions for at least a year and you are experiencing hair breakage with no sign of hair growth, come see us immediately so we can get your hair back on a healthier track. 

If you wear the popular Tape Extensions, Keratin Extensions, Link Extensions and/or other hair extensions for a extended amount of time, please ask your stylist to let you examine your own hair and scalp before you next install! 

This is what we call "Stress Alopecia" and it comes from wearing these extensions for an extended amount of time with tension.

DO NOT be a victim, be your own advocate and ask your stylist to switch up extensions methods as well as give your own natural hair a break from the stress. 

Everyday we get new clients from other salons who are experiencing this hair and scalp condition.

Call us immediately for help! 408 540-7481

Check out the latest hair extension method, Brazilian knots! 

The safest strand extension method on the market today. It doesn't matter what texture of hair you have, Brazilian Knots are safe for your hair. Last up to four month at a time with no hair damage.

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Ask about our first time client deal! $500 full sew in with a 120gram bundle of our premium quality human hair (up to 18 " inches length, colors up to #4) that will last you up to a year with proper care instructions! Lighter colors, custom colors and lengths 20" inches and longer are additional charges. 
Buy while supplies last! We are only selling 100 of these deals! All deals are non-refundable. 

NOTE!!! YOU MUST CALL TO BOOK YOUR INSTALL by Aug 1st 2016. If you fail to book a install appointment before August 1st your deal will expire and you will be eligible to use the full amount ($500) toward a hair extension service in our salon. You MUST click the "Contact Us " form and fill it out right after you purchase your deal! Or for information call his at 408 540-7481

Here at Hair Extension Palace, we offer the highest quality, affordable hair extensions throughout Silicon Valley. Our traveling team of certified Master Extensionist have over 20-years of combined experience in creating and applying breathtaking hair Extensions. Since we specialize in up to 14 hair extension methods and work with them on a daily basis, we are the best choice for your hair extension needs! Book a hair consultation or one of our professional training classes today!                 
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Attention Cosmetologist! Educate yourself and stop leaving money on the table! Say yes to the latest hair extension methods and Non Surgical Hair Replacement workshops for clients with hair loss!

If you would like to customize a class in the privacy of your own salon HEP requires a minimum of  7 current licensed cosmetologist. Should you reside outside of the bay area and/or you are outside of California, we will travel to you anywhere in the country to teach our amazing classes!  Contact us directly and we will secure a date within the next 7-8 weeks to travel and personalize a Training Workshop for your Salon!

Hair Extension Palace Training Hair Academy’ vision for our Salon Training Packages is to raise the standard in quality, service and profitability of West coast salon industry as a whole. Our mission is to provide consultation, support and high quality tailored training to salon owners and their salon teams enabling salons to build a brand, increase client base and profits through sales and services.

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      Our Certified Training Classes

 Expand your knowledge, clientele base as you train with HEP to become a Master Hair Extensionist and earn the most income your career has to offer. What's more, the ability to add hair extensions to your own list of services, that will automatically elevate the reputation of your business by offering a sophisticated service to your clients.

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