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   We Specialize in 15 Methods of Hair Extensions, Hair loss Solutions for chemo side effects, Alopecia ect

Hair Extension Palace is your leading hair extension and hair replacement salon on the west coast. 

Located at 2053 Winchester Boulevard in Campbell California deep in the heart of Silicon Valley with over 25 years experience. We specialize in more hair extension methods as well as a array of hair loss solutions for chemo therapy patients, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burn trauma and other forms of hair loss than any salon on the west cost! We have expanded our training workshops for Unlicensed/Beginners! 

Here ar Hair Extension palace we feel that everyone deserves a chance to start a career in the hair extension industry and by California law anyone and everyone is is welcome to take our classes!

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Awarded the 2016 Silicon Valley Woman of the year/Business of the year, Heidi Oatis in in a league by herself. Heidi prides herself on the advanced services that her salon Hair extension Palace provide to women of all ethnicities.

Come in and let us give you a hair extension make over in a completely healthy way that'll preserve the state of your own natural hair.